Retirement Happiness

We are a husband and wife team dedicated to helping others achieve their best years in retirement. Initially, the concept of working under the same roof every day raised concerns that we would drive each other crazy. If anything, we have grown closer as our unique strengths complement each other.

Retiring can be an emotionally charged time, especially when unplanned. Most importantly, this is something each of us can attest to with our own experience. A bewildering array of information is scattered throughout the Internet and in books. Our commitment to you is to present the most valuable data in an insightful manner. In addition, our completion of extensive life coaching certifications promotes a better framework of understanding.

Debbie's story began with a toxic work environment and bad boss forcing early retirement. Rather than retire, she co-founded RetiresGreat.com to help others through the transition.

She loves challenges such as learning web / graphic design and how to best present our information. With a high attention to detail and a big picture mindset, she keeps all in order. Suffering from health-related issues, Debbie maintains a keen interest in natural healing. Her empathy, depth of understanding, and psychology degree are invaluable in sharing this information.

In 2013, corporate downsizing forever changed Shannon's life. Not one to be put down and rather than retire at 53, he began his first business. This, eventually, led to the co-founding of RetiresGreat.com.

He has more of that creative flair that you may have noticed in his Retirement Manifesto or the occasional quote when he can’t find what he wants. Thinking outside-the-box, he has that rare ability to turn even the driest research findings into something interesting and meaningful. Being more expressive, he’s the one you’ll find on our videos soon to come. His business degree and marketing expertise contribute to the success of our site.

Do you have a website or podcast site? Let's collaborate. How would you like to work together? We're always on the look out for people on the same wavelength who would add value to each other's readership. 

Let's discuss how we can help each other!

Thanks and enjoy our website!! 

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