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The most important thing is to know what your income and expenses are going to be in retirement. Track them and understand how much you need to support your retired lifestyle. Get your free spreadsheet and prepare your plan.

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This guide is but an overview of the complex health insurance system called Medicare. Besides being one of your major costs in retirement, making the wrong choices can impact your future health care.

One of the benefits of meditation (or mindfulness) is that it lowers stress by relaxing and calming the mind. This will begin to change your mind helping you feel more centered, settled and present throughout the day. Also, it can give you tools to deal with some of the stress points in your daily life.

We all have limiting beliefs that we are only aware of at a sub-conscious level. These beliefs can help us avoid situations of risk. However, they keep us safely in our comfort zone. Unfortunately, this can prevent us from growing and achieving the things we want.

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Our guide captures the most critical things to prepare for a successful retirement. Unique by taking a lighthearted approach, each section also references the best and most expert sources of information.